The Fire & Beauty of Diamonds

No stone speaks such volumes of passion, fire and beauty as the diamond. Every diamond is unique, and your diamond should be chosen for how it tells your story. At Park Jewellery, serving clients throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality, we provide a wide selection of brilliant and attractive diamonds. A revered symbol of honour and devotion, we look forward to helping you choose the right stone. Contact us today.

Caprice® Diamonds

We are proud to carry Caprice® diamonds, which are mined in the strictest accordance with Canada's environmental, social and labour practices, all carefully regulated by the government. These diamonds aren't just pure in cut and quality, they are also ethically and socially pure, and every one comes with an elegant Caprice® Certificate of Authenticity. Visit us and discover the awe-inspiring selection of gems, pearls and diamonds, and place your custom order.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Jewellery

There are four main qualities to consider when purchasing a diamond: cut, colour, clarity and carat. Learn more about each of these qualities below, and then visit us to start shopping.

  • Cut - This is considered the most important aspect of a diamond, and it refers to the way the facets of the stone angle and bounce light against each other and back to the eye of the beholder. The cut largely determines how beautiful the gem will be, and how "fiery" it is in appearance.
  • Colour - A white diamond with low colour will end up looking dull, and these diamonds are also more common. A diamond of a high colour, however, is rarer, more expensive and more attractive.
  • Clarity - Simply put, the clarity of a diamond describes how rare the gem is.
  • Carat - This describes the physical weight of the stone, but is not the sole factor in describing beauty or size. A gem that weighs more but is poorly proportioned will appear less. The larger a gem, however, the more expensive per carat weight the diamond will be.


The trusted brands we carry include:

  • Caprice®
  • Citizen


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