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For Gems as Unique as Our Clients - semiprecious

Discover the Colours of Semi-Precious Stones

Located in Dartmouth, Park Jewellery offers the cheerful and full-of-light colours of semi-precious stones, which offer the confidence and warm emotions of nature. Many of these stones carry unique meanings, such as amethyst, a semi-precious stone long known as a symbol of piety, spirituality and a devotion to God. Contact us to learn more about the semi-precious stones we carry.

The Colours of Gemstones

The colour you see in gemstones can be considered as three basic components, namely: hue, saturation, and tone. It is the hue that most people consider as the "colour" of the gemstone, but there are other factors as well. Saturation, for instance, refers to the vividness or brightness of the hue, and the tone describes the hue's lightness or darkness. Within these spectrums, a single gemstone may present itself in a wide variety of hues, colours and tones.

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semi-precious ring
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