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Our Services Include

At Park Jewellery, we offer our clients throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality jewellery services that include appraisals and repairs. If you're in need of these services, you can learn more about them below, and we also invite you to contact us directly with any questions.


We're proud to say our appraiser is a Graduate Gemologists with the Gemological Institute of America, Inc., and also a senior member of the National Association of Jewellery Appraisers. Since an appraisal is only as good as the person conducting it, it's important to find someone with the credentials and experience necessary to provide correct documentation for your jewellery.

If you are in need of an advocate during the process of filing an insurance claim for a piece of jewellery, you can count on us to be in your corner. We work on jewellery claims with both local and national insurance companies, including Pilot Insurance, Personal Insurance and others. We'll work with these companies as well as you, the policy holder, to make sure we provide replacement quotes that are both fair and accurate.


We have more than 35 years of experience when it comes to repairing jewellery, and we devote ourselves to the task with careful attention. Whether you need new clasps, cleaning, prong maintenance or other repairs, we can help. We'll even provide you with a free estimate on the work that needs to be done. All repairs are done on the premises and performed by experienced goldsmiths.

Our expert jewellers will:

  • Replace or repair broken or missing prongs
  • Re-mount stones
  • Clean and/or polish your jewellery
  • Replace missing stones with matching ones
  • Size your ring
  • Repair and solder jewellery
  • Restring pearl or beaded necklaces
  • Replace missing stones, or repair broken ones
  • Repair watches and batteries
  • Custom made school and university rings
  • All kinds of other repairs for gold or silver jeweller
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